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checklist guide

A handy checklist to start preparing your beauty for your big day!

Start gathering hair and makeup inspiration. Check out our Pinterest Board here for some inspiration.

Take your Vitamins. We love Multivitamins and Biotin for their added benefits.

Get on a good skincare routine (make sure you have a cleanser, toner, treatment serum, and moisturizer).

Meet with your bridal beauty hairstylist about your hair plans and explore extension options for volume, dimension  and length.

Plan your bridal facials 6 months out. It makes the greatest difference for flawless makeup.

Congratulations, Bride to be! We are so thrilled for the opportunity to work with you and your guests for your special day.


We are providing you with an Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide to assist with preparing and outliing your beauty needs for your big day!

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A good routine is so important.

-Get on a good skincare regimen. Make sure you are using products that supplement the facial treatments you are receiving.

-Our facials are customized to your skin and your skin goals. We have partnered with Vivant Skincare to bring you the best in result oriented skincare.

-Monthly facials 6 months prior to your wedding day will keep you glowing and radiant as you walk down the aisle into your honeymoon. Smooth skin is always in and serums are potent treatments that absorb into the skin and rebuild smooth, new skin from within. Serums are very beneficial for a variety of skin concerns.

-Dont forget the moisture barrier. A good SPF should be used daily to protect the skin from environmental factors such as pollution, free radicals, and UVA/UVB rays.


The windows to the soul.

-Steer away from heavily processed and sugary foods. They can lead to puffy under eyes and inflammation.

-If you're experiencing puffiness, keep your favorite eye cream in the fridge. The cooling effect creates a sensation that acts as an instant anti-inflammatory treatment

-Get at least 6-8 hours of rest each night.

-Grow out your eye brows and have them Professionally shaped 3 days prior to the wedding day.

-Begin using a lash serum for fuller lashes. (Don't worry we've got a variety of false lashes in different styles to achieve your ultimate bridal look.) 


The perfect compliment.

-Your trial run is the perfect time to try out your hair pieces, earrings, bracelets and more. Feel free to bring these items to your trial run to secure the perfect complimented look.

-Work with the experts in bridal accessories to make your details visionary. 


Keep yourself healthy & stress free

-Exercise at least twice a week. It helps relieve stress and keeps your body in great shape for that dress.

-Have a multivitamin regimen to be sure your body has all the nutrients it needs.


-This is your biggest and most important beauty day. Consider your options and determine what you need. A few body recommendations we suggest include: Body wraps, body scrubs for deep exfoliation, foot peels, and body waxing.

-Most important  schedule a massage a week before to fully decompress all the wedding planning prior to the special day.


Who doesn't want amazing hair

-Nutrition and supplements are key! Start eating clean and implement Vitamin B rich foods into your diet. Fish , nuts, and eggs are great choices. Increasing your water intake will also help to flush toxins out of your body..

-Begin using a healthy and good protein / moisturizing treatment to repaid dead ends and infuse moisture into your scalp. Always consult your stylist before using any type of treatment.

-Hair Extensions, the over night remedy to long, full, hair. There are so many hair extension companies out there. We recommend working with a brand you are familiar with to avoid excessive shedding or extensions that do not last. 


Manicured to perfection.

-With so many nail styles, we recommend trying out your nail design at least 2 months prior your wedding to ensure that is the ideal style you want.


-For timeless nails, we recommend a neutral color, almond shaped, gel manicure to the length of your choice.


-Pedicures are so important for relaxation and keeping our feet smooth and soft for those designer pumps. 

Bride and Groom
Booking Process

beauty timeline


-Set up your Brighten the Bride Facials

-Accessory / Veil Shopping

-Find Your Shoes

-Start thinking about wedding songs

-Choose your wedding hashtags

-Make reservations for your bridal prep suite


-Bridemaid's Gift

-Schedule Hair & Makeup Trial Runs

-Teeth Whitening Procedures

-Dress Fitting

-Any Desired Non-invasive Cosmetic Procedures


-Hair Color/Trim

-Maintain a strict diet to look/feel your best

-Finalize day of timeliness with vendors

-Treat yourself to a spa day


-Receive your last facial treatment

-Eyebrow Waxing or Threading

-Body Waxing

-Manicure/ Pedicure for your & your girls

-Hair Extension Installation

-Professional Ring Cleaning


-Get 8-10 hours of beauty sleep

-Pre-ceremony meal for you and your girls

-Smile, relax, and take in every moment!

Radiant Bride

You are going to be a

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