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PlanSignature Glow
Duration12 months

every month
You will be charged monthly for 12 months.
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With the purchase of a subscription plan, you agree to purchase the monthly Auto-Renew as an automatic charge to your credit card or check card for each period duration. Contracts will Auto-Renew for the same duration once the subscription expires unless you provide minimum 30 days written notice to True Beauty & Skin of your intent to cancel subscription. Please note by subscribing to the subscription plan, you hereby certify that you are the holder of the credit/check card, or an authorized signer. You are eligible to suspend your Auto-Renew schedule once per year for up to 30 days, with minimum 15 days notice. Following the end of your requested suspension period, your monthly Auto-Renew will automatically be reactivated. True Beauty & Skin will charge monthly Auto-Renew clients with a $15 no-show fee for scheduled appointments that are not cancelled within 24 hours prior to the session. True Beauty & Skin may at its discretion cancel a clients membership.

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