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What is Oxygen Therapy?

Did you know that oxygen is disseminated through our lungs to pass through every part of our body including the integumentary system?

Our skin requires air and oxygen to breathe in order to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients to survive. A wound on the skin relies on oxygen to heal through the process of maintaining cellular function, creating new blood vessels and stimulating growth factors. Lower oxygen levels negatively impact our skin and it is critical to maintain steady oxygen level to maintain healthy properties and function properly. 

Q: How do we maintain our oxygen levels?
A: Through Oxygen Therapy

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Our oxygen therapy facial delivers highly effective ingredients through a patented technology combining serums and other nourishing ingredients to create an oxygenation process on the skin.

The oxygenation process creates a non invasive exfoliation effect creating a synchronized process generating a CO2 rich environment on the skins surface. This process triggers the body natural physiological process of increased oxygen levels internally.

The treatment is concluded with an ultrasound to stimulate micro-vibrations on the skin delivering instant smoothing results. LED light therapy and a neo massage are also used to deliver healing, increased blood flow, and soothing effects.


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